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City Electrical Factors

3kW 7 Litre Open Outlet Water Heater


HS65VT Point of Use


complete with water control tap giving rear water connection so that pipework can be surface run or through wall
frost protection setting
integral thermal fuse (replaceable) to safeguard against dry start up and component failure
corrosion resistant polypropylene container, moulded polystyrene insulation, high quality impact resistant abs cover
complete with 300mm swivel outlet spout in addition to the features of the HS65VT, the NEW HS65VT ECO has a 7-day programmable timer with 3 user-selectable operating positions and a separate user-settable water temperature thermostat to give improved operating efficiency
heater unit allows the 7-day programme of heater ON periods to be set, offering increased ECO usage at times when not required.
minimum selectable on period is 2 hours 20 minutes
programmer has a tamper-proof seethrough cover.

Product Information

Stock Code0336-2398
Manufacturer Part NoHS65VT


Heatstore, a leading brand in the heating market, offers a comprehensive range of domestic heating, electric showers, commercial heating and domestic water heating product ranges. Their customer service levels are second to none and are the foundation of the company’s continued success. They provide every client with quality design advice, technical information and recommendations all supported by a dedicated team of sales support and technical advisors –not to mention their sales processing system and state-of-the-art logistics. Emphasizing their growing commitment to improving the environmental impact of their products Heatstore’s ‘Green Spot’ product range continues to expand. Heatstore products are ultimately distributed through electrical wholesalers throughout the United Kingdom.

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